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Planning for your retirement...

Planning for your retirement...
Interesting article from our Milestone Advisory colleague Susan O'Mara re planning for your retirement.

Budget 2016 - Main points to note

Budget 2016 - Main points to note
Frances McNally, Manager of CERS, outlines some of the main points to be noted in Budget 2016

What impact does China have on your pension?

What impact does China have on your pension?
Paula Thornton, CERS Pension Consultant,examines the impact that China has on your pension?

To ARF or not to ARF – that is the Question!

To ARF or not to ARF – that is the Question!

Volatile markets - "try" not to panic!

Manager of CERS, Frances McNally considers that if you are a long-term investor, saving toward a retirement that is a decade or more away, you will do yourself few favours by responding to market movements as they occur.

Busting Financial Jargon

A useful guide to financial jargon from Susan O'Mara, Financial Consultant in Milestone Advisory

The Law Relating to Compulsory Retirement

Michael Doyle of Arthur Cox,legal advisors to the CERS pension arrangement,has provided this article particularly aimed at employers to help explain some of the changes of the Equality (Miscellaneous Provisions)Act 2015

A Guide to Keyperson Cover

If you are a business owner, there is a way to protect your business in the event of the death or serious illness of an important member of your team

Top tip for improving your finances in 2017

Let's kick-start 2017 by doing at least one thing to help improve our finances. Susan O'Mara of Milestone Advisory gives us her "top tip".

Whats happening in pensions today?

CERS Manager, Frances McNally knows that pensions might not be top of your priority list but outlines why it may be one of your biggest financial commitments!

Life after career

Saving for retirement is important but so is thinking about what you will do in retirement!

From the cradle to the grave....

The State Pension - how much is it, when does it start and how do we qualify for it? CPAS colleague Paula Thornton gives a good summary in this article

Are pensions too complicated?

Susan O'Mara of Milestone Advisory asks if pensions are too complicated and cuts through the complexity with some thoughts on how you can get yourself on the right path.

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